So, what have we done that’s special in 2017 ?

We kicked off 2017 with the complete renovation of the Annex : shutters, front door, corridor, staircase, landing and 3 beautiful rooms. We managed to sneak three 200 cm beds in there, for the comfort of our taller guests. It’s been full all season!

We cleaned up, expanded and replanted the beds under the Albizia tree, lining the breakfast terrace.

We moved from ** to *** (just catching up, we did not increase the prices).

We took away the old ghostly portraits lining the hallways – that were spooking some of our guests – and replaced them with colourful new artwork.

We started a vegetable and fruit garden up the hill, some of which you will find in our jams (rhubarb, pumpkin).

We put up a sign on rue Diderot and changed the one on rue de Buffon.

We bid farewell to Abeline, now a young mother and pursuing other interests, and welcomed Gwendoline, anlongside Françoise, to reception.

And as the year was closing, we renovated room #25 (in the Pavilion) and the “Gardener’s room” in the courtyard.

And that’s just what’s visible to our guests (we do not keep you posted about everything we do to upgrade behind the scenes).

So, let’s say it’s been a pretty busy year!