Hôtel Diderot Chinon France Vallée de la Loire


Breakfast is served from 7.15 am to 10.15 am on weekdays (7.30 to 10.15 amon week-ends). In Spring and Summer, breakfast is served on the terrace from 8.00 am. We order or prepare everything fresh : if you do not wish to have breakfast, please tell us the previous evening before 7 pm.

The Pion pharmacy, at the corner of place Jeanne d’Arc and a 2 minute walk from the Diderot, operates a 24/7 vending machine that holds everything a traveler might need and forgot to pack. There is a small supermarket/convenience store on the city hall square, a 7-minute walk from the hotel.

In case you need help, ask our receptionist (dial 9) or, after 9 pm, dial 400.

You can set the temperature in your room. Please turn off the heat when  you open the windows and close the windows when you turn on the heat. Please turn off the fans, the lights and the TV when you leave the room.

To preserve the silence and the architecture of the building, we chose not to install air conditioning. Each room has its own fan, both powerful and silent. If you keep it on at night, select the “sleep” mode. Please, turn it off when you leave the room.

Please report any incident involving the appliances, the furniture or the bedding, thus allowing us to assess the damage and to fix it before the next guests arrive.

The Diderot brings you freee wireless internet connection throughout the building. Network : hoteldiderot ; password : hoteldiderot. Illegal uses of the internet are prohibited and torrents are blocked.

To keep the hotel quiet, we close the gate of the parking at 9 pm  : we invite you to use the night door that opens on rue Diderot. Unless you are planning to come back after 9 pm, please leave your keys at the desk. Replacing them when they are lost costs 30 €.

The main market is held on Thursdays on place Jeanne d’Arc. A smaller market is held on Sundays in front of city hall.

Messages, mail and packages
All messages, letters and packages received in your name by the hotel will be handed to you at your arrival.

Our secure parking is closed from 9 pm to 6.30 am. If it is full, or if you do not wish to pay (8 €/night), the  parking rue de Buffon and the one on place Jeanne d’Arc hold 470 vehicles. For the latter, beware of restrictions pertaining to the market on the night of Wednesday to Thursday.

We accept most credit cards, including American Express. If you booked online, please note that we never debit the credit cards that are required as a guarantee. The bill has to be settled when you leave the hotel.

Pillows and blankets
You will find a set of pillows and an extra blanket in the armoire/closet of each room.

The desk is manned from  9 am to 7 pm. We answer your questions about local events and we can book taxis and restaurants on your behalf (dial 9). You can ask to have personal items put in the hotel safe for the duration of your stay. Our receptionists keep a written record of all the items that have been reported lost or found on the premises.

Telephone, cellulars and wake-up calls
You have to dial 0 to access the phone service. You can program your wake-up call on your phone set (see the “telephone” section of the hotel directory), or ask our receptionists to wake you up from 6.30 am on. Some cell phone operators do not provide a strong signal in Chinon, especially at the foot of the hill.

All the rooms have a flat screen TV. We subscribe to BBC International, CNBC, Canal+ and Canal+ Sport 360. Ask our receptionist if you encounter any problem. Please think of the guests in the adjoining rooms when you set the volume, and turn the TV off when you leave the room.

The two main terraces of the Diderot welcome guests for  breakfast from 8 am to 10.15 am during the Spring and Summer. Drinks are served until 8.30 pm. We do not do corkage : only drinks purchased at the bar can be consumed. Picnics are not allowed.

Washing, drying and ironing
There is a laundromat on the quai Charles VII, 7 minutes on foot from the hotel, going west along the river. Please do not hang your clothes to dry in the room, in the bathroom, on the window sills or on the terraces. Ask our receptionists to show you to the boiler room. Irons and ironing boards are available on request : just ask our receptionists or our maids.

Our bar proposes a sampling of the Chinon wines in red, rosé and white. There are two wine bars in town that offer a wider selection. Winemakers also welcome you in their cellars in and around Chinon. Please do not hesitate to enquire at the desk.