Hôtel Diderot Chinon France Vallée de la Loire

Bar and gift shop

The hotel bar is open from 9 am to 8,30 pm. It proposes hot and cold drinks, appetizers and a selection of Chinon wines.

Gift shop
We propose cases of 3 bottles of white or red Chinon.

* Jam in the Cupboard : a souvenir book recounting the history of the hotel, with thirty recipes of jams and basic tips for preparation.
* Orange Appeal: A recipe book about oranges, written by Jamie, the owner of the hotel.

* For each variety of jam prepared for breakfast, we put aside some pots that are presented for sale.

– Miniature figurines from CBG Mignot
* Located near Chinon, CBG Mignot is the oldest French manufacturer of toy soldiers. We offer a selection of figurines, molded, assembled and painted by hand.