Supper in your room

You arrived too late for a restaurant? You have been on the roads for days and you do not feel like going out? You just want to have a bite in your  room while reading or watching TV?

The Diderot proposes a large choice of traditional recipes to choose from to compose your menu : organic vegetable soups, fresh pasta dishes, traditional French recipes and delicious desserts.

You pick what you want and get it at the desk.

The soups, pasta and dishes are reheated in a steam cooker.

You just have to take your order to your room and enjoy a nice meal…

Three organic soups:

Three fresh pasta dishes:
tuna lasagne,
tortellini chorizo
mezzelune with salmon.

French classics :
Basque-style chicken,
Alsatian choucroute ,
Veal blanquette,
beef bourguignon.
an a Vegan Chili!

Four desserts :
pineapple hash,
crêpes Suzette,
chocolate or coffee mousse.